It was very rich – very warm and dry: our first Estonian summer on Mägede Talu.

There flowed a lot of sweat- after two weeks the electricity also flowed and in the third even the first water from our well.

The helping people came and stayed for different lengths of time – and with them new impulses, ideas and strength.

The result was a lively, diverse community:

in the common work, while cooking and eating under the meadows, during the evening bathing in the Baltic Sea

– in agreement, but also in the difficult struggle for the next step or questions of work design.

The sky and the earth were very close: the awakening of the cranes in the morning, the blooming herb meadows in the midday heat, the fascinating spectacle of the clouds, the quiet flow of the evening mist – and many other deep impressions of the surrounding nature.

And we came closer to them, the people of Hiiumaa: there were some warm encounters – especially with Mati, the best neighbor in the world, who faithfully provided us with water and much else.

At the end, we had our great Chinese kite fly with him for a solemn farewell, and he also had a surprise in hand: Jakob and Bea were allowed to drive his tractor to cultivate our future garden hedge – a great secret desire from Bea came true 😉

We left the farm very orderly and with the good feeling of having prepared the space for the future.

Our dreams and visions have got the earth of lived experience under our feet. Some of our ideas have changed as a result and have developed, have become more coherent:

we have arrived!

Thanks to all the helpful people and the beings around us.




Live community
life creates being
Being in existence
Feel the existence in place
Feel and find Mägede
Take the power
in the water, in electricity,
at work, in tidying up,
in sorting and viewing,
in deciding:
what stays – what goes away.
Friends come, marvel,
help, pack, find,
feel and celebrate the breath
of Mägede Talu

Sommerferien- Leben(s)räumen