Joyful Summerwork & Herbal Seminar

Caution!! Adjustment and modification of the Mägede Talu summer plans:
As of June 1st, the borders in Estonia are open again. But regardless of these corona-related external conditions, which can change again, we have made a decision that is more focused on us. This summer we have to prepare a big change in our living conditions – this has become even clearer to us through the Corona crisis. For that we want to give ourselves the space in July- and start calmly from August 15th, the “3rd Joyful summerwork” and the herbal seminar as planned.
We are very sorry for those registered in July that they have to be put off for next year ;-). Or you just travel to the beautiful Baltic States this year and come to the most beautiful Estonian island next year: Hiiumaa.
The reserved and humble Hiumaans would never advertise their island like this …
We will be there for those registered in August from August 15th and are very happy about every helping hand and / or seminar participant!
When planning your trip, please also consider a small hand-out of the travel options to Hiiumaa.

With warm regards from Werder

Bea and Christian Wittekindt